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Revel Woods Chats with Elizabeth Scruggs of Superior Construction and Design

Revel Woods Chats with Elizabeth Scruggs of Superior Construction and Design

By John Dupra
Posted in Press, Pros
On May 21, 2020

Welcome to our second installment of the Revel Woods Expert Series! We're continuing to talk to experts about how they have been making their businesses more profitable, from adding large ticket items to projects to redefining interior design’s place in the home industry.

In this episode we’re talking with Elizabeth Scruggs from Superior Construction and Design. As General Contractor & Principal Designer of Superior Construction and Design, Elizabeth has over 20 years of experience in design and contracting in the Nashville, TN area.

Elizabeth's knowledge of interior and exterior design gives her a unique perspective in any remodel, new build, or interior makeover. And with her ability to tie knowledge from both disciplines, Elizabeth knows how a designer can be sourcing large items to increase a project's revenue.

John and Elizabeth also touch on how to best manage a client's expectation of a project, work as a team with contractors, and building relationships with contractors and vendors.

Here's some helpful time stamps if you want to jump into the specifics:

6:13 – How important remodeling will be in the future

7:40 – Do you need to be a builder first? Or can you be a designer and get into some of the construction aspects? Is it easier to start with remodeling or new builds?

8:33 – How to set client’s expectations on a remodel beforehand

10:45 – Do you have to have a GC license to profit on large ticket items? How do you work with a GC to increase profitability.

12:04 – The difference in the sourcing mindset between a GC and designer.

13:07 – The value the designer brings. What GC’s typically don’t do.

13:31 – How to work though contractor pushback when the designer wants to source a particular product. What if you’re brought in later in the project?

16:49 – How flooring is a good gateway to larger ticket items

17:30 – Do you need to be a GC to purchase flooring?

21:00 – How a designer sourcing large items is actually essential to a GC and not competition.

24:45 – Elizabeth’s experience working with us, and her contractor’s reaction.

28:17 – How to approach a project where you are sourcing flooring

31:45 – Redefining interior design’s place in the home industry.

34:05 – How to get starting building these relationships with contractors and vendors during this “down time”

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John Dupra

John Dupra

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