Our Team

Craig and Katherine Dupra

Craig and Katherine Dupra


The Dupras (pronounced du-PRAY and if you get it  wrong they're going to know you didn't do your homework) have a combined 60 plus years experience in the hardwood flooring industry. Craig started installing, sanding, and refinishing hardwood in 1982. After spending 24 years as a contractor, Craig moved into a role as a national sales representative for a large wood coatings company and then opened the doors of Installers Warehouse in 2008. Seeing the next opportunity in 2016, Craig used his years of experience to help found Revel Woods in 2016

Katherine is a musician, performer and educator who was instrumental in the launch of Dupra Hardwood Flooring in 1983, Installers Warehouse in 2008 and Revel Woods in 2018. She has recently retired from a 30 year teaching career to be more actively involved in the ownership of Revel Woods.

Craig currently serves as Chairman of the National Wood Flooring Association

Norman Johnson

Norm Johnson

Director of Projects and Customer Service

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Norm spent many a day pounding nails in the rain in his father’s construction business. Looking for greener pastures, he went on to study architecture and worked in a variety of residential, commercial, and retail design positions. Focusing on the intersection between design and materials has been at the center of his professional and entrepreneurial career. At Revel Woods, Norm enjoys helping our customers and design partners discover the perfect floor for each project. Norm has traveled extensively and has a deep love and appreciation for the natural world and the built environment.

John Dupra

John Dupra


John Dupra (pronounced du-PRAY) grew up in the wood flooring industry. Working first as a contractor, John graduated from a college you've never heard of with a degree you don't care about and then covered the country for a large materials manufacturer before joining the family business in wholesale distribution. It was there that the idea for Revel Woods was born.

John handles most of the external sales and marketing strategy. If you're reading this page it's probably because of something John did. He's very humble about it.

Since the launch of Revel Woods, John has been featured in a number of publications including being recognized in Hardwood Floors Magazine’s first ever 40 under 40. He is also a sought after panelist and podcast guest. He's very humble about that too.