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Revel Woods Hardwood Flooring Solves Homeowner’s Health Issues

Revel Woods Hardwood Flooring Solves Homeowner’s Health Issues

By John Dupra
Posted in Tips
On May 06, 2019

Did you know your floors could make you sick?

A customer came to us after a series of unfortunate health issues. They were having health complications that would simply not clear up.

After finding out that certain hardwood floors could cause the very symptoms they were experiencing, the homeowner began to wonder if their own floors could be the making them sick. They then started shopping for a responsible, domestically manufactured hardwood floor that could be trusted and prove beneficial to their health.

With Revel Woods’ strict manufacturing standards, we were excited at the opportunity to re-do their hardwood floors with an American-made product.

The result? The homeowner's medical issues completely went away, almost immediately. The homeowner and our team were beyond thrilled. If we weren't convinced before, we certainly are now: what you put in your home is as important as what you put in your body.

Before installing new floors in your home, think about this story. In no way are we advocating that all low-cost flooring will make you sick. We’re simply suggesting that you do thorough research on the materials you bring inside.

Check out the photos below to see what the customer’s home looks like now with their Revel Woods hardwood floors. This home features The Colonial floor from The American Tavern Collection.

John Dupra

John Dupra

John Dupra (pronounced DU-pray)’s father Craig started in the wood flooring business before John was born as an installer and refinisher, which he did for 24 years before eventually opening his own wholesale wood flooring distribution company in Rochester, NY.

It was at the wholesale business that the idea for Revel Woods was born, inspired by high end fashion sites, Revel Woods is dedicated to making the buying process of expert curated, high-quality hardwood flooring as easy as possible.

John has been featured in a number of publications including being recognized in Hardwood Floors Magazine’s first ever 40 under 40: