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The Eddie Bauer & Revel Woods Collaboration

The Eddie Bauer & Revel Woods Collaboration

By John Dupra
Posted in Press
On May 07, 2019

When we originally had the idea for Revel Woods, we knew it could be a lot of things, and whatever it was going to be, it was going to be different.

Even though flooring has a huge visual impact on any space, it has always been treated like a commodity item, which makes sense because for most of history it has been a commodity item. But over the last decade that has changed. Flooring has become as much about fashion as it is about function.

For that reason, we have always taken a much more fashionable approach to our floors. But If there’s one thing we like as much as fashion, it’s collaboration. Truly great ideas rarely come from one mind, and some of the best things in life come when minds from completely different walks of life, completely different fields of study, or completely different perspectives come together to create something special.

At Revel Woods, we’ve got the flooring expertise covered, so if we were going to partner with someone to design a flooring collection, it felt boring to us to work with someone else who knew flooring. We want someone who can bring a whole new perspective in the hopes of creating something truly special.

We have a history of this already whether it’s shoes, or wine, but now it was time to take it to a whole new level.

In the clothing world, aside from the iconic name, you’d be hard pressed to find a brand more dedicated to the balance of function and fashion than Eddie Bauer. Their clothes not only look good, but have protected climbers of Mt. Everest for decades.

We were excited to hear they wanted to work with us, so we traveled to their home office in Bellevue, WA and sat down with the creative geniuses behind their brand.

A photo I took in the lobby of the Eddie Bauer World Headquarters

Early on in our meeting, we realized this truly did make for the perfect partnership, here was a brand that didn’t just want their customer to have something that looked nice, but demanded absolutely no compromises in quality, or environmental sustainability (something we had in common). They wanted the same thing for their floors, something that would not only make their customers homes look beautiful, but was something they could still “live” on.

Not to mention they were just great people.

So… What did we come up with?

A Scientifically Better Hardwood Floor.

The Eddie Bauer Adventure Collection is made using the latest manufacturing techniques.

Engineered wood flooring is comprised of layers of wood veneers to create a dimensionally stable plank that won’t expand and contract as the seasons change. While some manufacturers use softwoods or alternative materials in their construction, this flooring is made from 5 layers of true American-grown hardwood. Even though you can’t see the substrate after installation, the type of materials used in these layers is critically important to performance because the core contributes significantly to impact resistance and balance. These floors feature the highest quality, 100% hardwood veneer layered in a perpendicular orientation that ensures maximum durability for floors that perform through every season.

A look at the engineered core construction

The adhesives are American sourced, formaldehyde free, and have been designed for maximum hold while meeting stringent indoor air quality standards. These floors breeze through the California CARB2 emission requirements without breaking a sweat because there is no added formaldehyde, and feature a tough no-VOC finish to provide a healthy indoor environment.

Let’s talk about the part that matters most, the icing on our proverbial wood-cake, the top layer.

(wood-cake might not sound appetizing, but don’t knock it ‘till you try it)

The top wood wear surface is sustainably sourced North American White Oak, Hard Maple, and Hickory which offer incredible indentation resistance and unmatched beauty.

Protecting the wood wear surface is a proprietary coating reinforced with aluminum oxide particles - the second hardest element under diamonds. Finishes with aluminum oxide provide the most scratch and wear resistant properties on the market, and the more of it you have, the more durable the finish tends to be.

The floors in the Eddie Bauer Adventure Collection are systematically coated with multiple layers of aluminum oxide in order to maintain excellent clarity through the topcoat. Unlike other products that have a cloudy look to them, you only see gorgeous natural wood through our finish despite the added aluminum oxide. We have mastered the finishing process so you no longer have to compromise beauty for performance.

The finish offers superior durability and unrivaled clarity.

This finish also solves the issue of dry climates, which can limit where engineered wood flooring can be installed. By adding an element of flexibility to our topcoat, we mitigate the tension put on the finish as the wood dries out. Though humidity levels need to be maintained in the home, this property reduces the likelihood of the clear coat breaking into small hairline cracks in arid regions of the country and during the dry months.

The Eddie Bauer Adventure Collection is a true testament to American engineering. We are pretty proud of it.

If anyone wants to take some of this flooring to the top of Everest, shoot me an email...

John Dupra

John Dupra

John Dupra (pronounced DU-pray)’s father Craig started in the wood flooring business before John was born as an installer and refinisher, which he did for 24 years before eventually opening his own wholesale wood flooring distribution company in Rochester, NY.

It was at the wholesale business that the idea for Revel Woods was born, inspired by high end fashion sites, Revel Woods is dedicated to making the buying process of expert curated, high-quality hardwood flooring as easy as possible.

John has been featured in a number of publications including being recognized in Hardwood Floors Magazine’s first ever 40 under 40: