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The Three Brothers Collection

Our Three Brothers Winery Collection is the ultimate stress-free hardwood floor. A trust testament to American engineering. It utilizes a revolutionary high density fiber technology in the core layer that makes the floor incredibly durable, and almost impervious to moisture. It allows for a top layer made of real hardwood, so you don't get the unsettling low-end look of repeating patterns found in wood imitations - and all at a stress-free price point.


The Story Behind This Collection

Our revolutionary HDF (High Density Fiber) line inspired by one of our favorite places. Nestled along Seneca Lake in Geneva, NY sits the Three Brother's Winery. We approached them for this line because they are true masters of their craft. Not satisfied with just making excellent wine, they created an experience that brings the enjoyment of wine tasting to the masses, not just the connoisseurs. This collection is our homage to their spirit. A beautiful, authentic, ultra durable, stress free floor, all at a price point for the masses.